When signed by the applicant and administrator, constitutes a contractual agreement binding both parties to certain obligations. The applicant agrees to observe and obey all “Fresh Academicz” rules & regulations. In addition, it shall be the responsibility of the applicant to pay the required fee at the time agreed upon at time of enrollment.


Conditions of Facility Use:

1) By registering for enrollment, you are personally taking responsibility for the actions and conduct of yourself and your children. Your current enrolment status may be canceled or future participation denied if any of the following should occur: fighting, profanity, health violations, abuse of staff or property, or failure to remit payment, or violation of any rules.

2) No refunds.

3) There is no charge if you need to change the date or location of your rental provided the request is received by administrator in advance. Changes/ cancellations will only be accepted by individual originally booking the program.

4) Parent/guardian is responsible for providing transportation to & from scheduled classes and escorting children to & from parking lot into the facility to Suite 011 for safety of the child, to check in with instructor before & after each class, you assume responsibility for providing adequate supervision of children in transit, and cleaning up after class, disposing of all trash. 

5) Alcoholic beverages, weapons, and smoking are prohibited.

6) Damage and/or destruction of the above named property(s) will result in repair and/or replacement fees billed directly to you. 

7) In all circumstances, the administrator retains full authority for final approval and denial of applicant requests & scheduling.

Rules & Regulations

  • Bring your dance attire

  • No gum or food in studio, water is alright

  • Respect one another

  • No profanity

  • No sagging clothes or exposing undergarments; dress modestly

  • No drugs, alcohol, weapons

  • No touching equipment or material without consent of instructor, if its not yours- don’t touch it

  • Be on time

  • No yelling in Hallways or trespassing into other areas of the building

  • Registered students & parents only

  • Property brought into studio is your responsibility to take with you when you go

  • Materials used in class stay in designated classroom storage area

  • Any bounce checks will be assessed an additional, status can be frozen in such cases

  • Payments due 1st of the month, 5 days later frozen status