Our mission is to inspire lifelong learning in the community through creative development for youth and adults. We do that using the four elements of hip hop and its culture through a curriculum-based program that is easy to understand and stimulates human expression.


We discover, reach, stretch until we unlock your full potential.




Each of our team members are experienced in their said areas of concentration. They understand that no two bodies are alike and will work and encourage you to reach the goal you aspire.



Born in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, BAM “THE LIQUID ROBOT”, has been performing since the age of nine.” I was amazed by the way the street dancers on the Lower East Side expressed themselves through dance, and I quickly became inspired to learn these techniques”. Through urban dance BAM was able to avoid the perils of the streets while growing up.



The Reyes Twins were born in Connecticut, raised here in Washington County, MD. They started dancing when they were just 6 years old, with a family background from Colombia, South America. Growing up, the culture they were raised in was always revolved around dance. Thus, leading them into the dance lifestyle they are living today.

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Brittany grew up in Williamsport, MD and spent her early years dancing jazz and tap. It wasn’t until she joined her college dance team where she was introduced to the hip hop scene. She spent several years in Virginia where she taught hip hop to teenage girls as part of a youth ministry. After a small stint of helping at a church plant in Los Angeles, Brittany recently moved back to her hometown. She is excited to be part of the Fresh Academicz team and is looking forward to the cultivation of creativity that will come from students at the studio!



Toby Towson started dancing late in life and is making up for it by still dancing into his seventh decade. He is thrilled and honored to dance with Fresh Academicz and to teach acrobatic ballet at the Fresh Academicz studio in Hagerstown. He has performed his acrobatic dances throughout America and also in Canada, Switzerland, Germany, and Spain. He was the original Barkley the Dog on television’s Sesame Street following a friendship with Jim Henson’s family. Toby taught himself to walk on his hands when he was eight years old and won national recognition competing in men’s floor exercise gymnastics, graduating from Michigan State University with a degree in psychology. Later in life he earned a M.Ed degree from University of Maryland and taught in public schools in MD for ten years. He is married to Kathy Talbott with whom he is helping to raise their three daughters, Ella, Anya, and Eva.